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for Feb 29 - Mar 7


Happy February 29th.  I can't believe that on the evening of the 7th we can spring ahead one hour.  Yay!


There were 2 speakers on Tues. for Pot luck; Becky Whitworth and Ernie Sibbert. They spoke on Elder Abuse and Crime Stoppers.  I was surprised at how prevalent it is.  Information is at the club if anyone is interested on following up.   After the Board of Directors meeting on Thurs. I will be able to tell you if Pot luck will go one more month at the current time of 1pm or if it will be moved to the evening again.  Pot luck will be moved to the evening again in April in any case. Do you have a preference to time?  Some would like it at 4pm, some at 5pm.  It has been starting at 6pm.


The start up for the Euchre class begins on Wed. afternoon at 1pm.  


Fyi, if you want any changes to the calendar please advise Terri before the 25th of the Month.  She will make every effort to get it in the monthly calendar.


There are tickets available for The Wealthy Irishman's Dinner.  Please call Linda or Don at 289-876-8560 or Mary Franks at 905-894-5646.


Lastly, Don't forget to spring ahead next Sat night March 7th (or you will be early for church).


Monday March 2  Shuffleboard 9:30     Shutter cards 1pm


Tues March 3      Quilting and More 10am   Crafts 10am    Art class 1pm     Pickleball 10am till 1pm (note time)


Wed. March 4      Line dance 10am    Upholstery 1pm       Euchre lessons 1pm     Scrabble 7pm


Thurs. Mar 5       Pickleball 10am till 1pm       Darts 1pm

Friday March 6    Shuffleboard 9:30        Cribbage 1pm       Dart Doubles 6:30

 Sat. March 7    Art class 10am       

Spring ahead 1 hr. Bedtime😊




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