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Program  Held         * check newsletter updates Location  Cost

Art Class

Tuesday 1 pm     

Ballroom line dancing 

Wednesday 10 am   Main room  


Tuesday 10 am     


Friday 1 pm  Main room  

Darts -  Doubles 

Friday 6:30 pm Main room $2
Darts - Fun Night  2nd, 4th, (5th)  Monday 7 pm Main Room Free
Darts - League Thursday 1 pm Main room  


1st, 3rd Monday 7 pm  Main room  
Euchre Beginners Wednesday 1pm   (starting Mar 2020) meeting room or main  $1
Pickleball  Tuesday & Thursday 10am

FE LeisurePlex Ballroom 


Potluck 4th Tuesday 6 pm Main room & Kitchen Bring food to share 
Quilting & more 1st Tuesday 10 am    
Scrabble Wednesday 7 pm    
Sewing- Dresses for Africa 2nd Tuesday 10 am    


Monday & Friday 9:30 am Main room $2
Shuttercards Monday 1 pm    
Special Events - Meeting 1st Tuesday 9 am 1st meeting room n/a
Upholstery Wednesday 1 pm    


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